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Welcome to Ipothica - Specialist Mortgage Advisers

Whether you are an accidental landlord looking to refinance an existing property, a business looking to fund a commercial premises or else a Portfolio Landlord looking to make the move to Limited Company status and wishing to refinance a range of properties we are here to help.

Ipothica Specialist Mortgage Advice

Our Commitment 

The Mortgage Market has changed immeasurably since the 2008 Financial Crash - with various lenders disappearing altogether and those remaining having much tighter lending criteria than before.


While the big high-street lenders remain in many of the specialist lending markets, there are a plethora of other financial institutions for you to consider. While some lenders may decline your property other lenders may welcome it with open arms.


The more lenders you can approach the greater the odds that you will get the best deal available to you in the market.


Our commitment to you is that we will use our specialist knowledge and bend-over-backwards to get you the right product and at a great rate. Get in touch today. 

How we can work together

We are flexible in how we work with you:

  • Online. Your data is important to us. That is why you can transmit any documentation to us and receive documentation from us via our secure encrypted portal. ​You will be able to access these documents wherever you are at your convenience, but crucially these are not sent or received over insecure email systems where your data security could be at risk. ​Data Security is a big deal - so why risk your data by sending confidential documentation and information over insecure email when we can give you access to a secure portal for free - all part of our service to you. 

  • Phone. We are here for you. If you need to discuss anything you will always speak to the same person - not a different person every time you call. ERCs can become payable if you make over-payments above what the product permits or else if you redeem the mortgage earlier than permitted if am introductory / fixed rate mortgage was taken. This could apply to any existing finance you have but is also a consideration with any new finance you take out as an ERC can be a sizable amount. By using our service you can receive text updates as your loan application progresses.

  • Face to face. Where appropriate we can meet in person at a time convenient to you.

Specialist  Mortgages

Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Covering everything from a single property in your own name to the professional landlord running a business with many properties we can help you navigate through the large range of options available 

National Association of  Commercial Finance Brokers

We are members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers [NACFB]. As members we are obligated to adhere to both their Code of Practice and their Minimum Standards.

  • Code of Practice

    The NACFB Code of Practice lays out the framework under which Members and Member firms conduct their business. The Code applies to all Members of the Association. 


  • Minimum Standards.

    The NACFB Minimum Standards forms a key strategy for the Association to be able to establish the NACFB Marque as one that can be trusted in the SME and commercial lending markets.