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02. Commercial Property Finance

Commercial Property - how we can help

Commercial Properties can be commonly subdivided into four main sectors: 

  • Industrial units

  • Office spaces

  • Retail premises

  • Agricultural land and facilities


However, there are also various specialist sectors General Practitioners (GPs) Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, Veterinarians and the hospitality sector encompassing public houses, B&Bs and hotels. Some properties are mixed use and these too can be financed with certain lenders. Knowing which lenders to approach can be a daunting task, you could spend time and effort on a lender that will either not wish to loan money on your type of property or else only do so at a higher rate of interest than could be available from another more suitable lender. 

Commercial Property lenders all look at how the property is used and the quality of the tenants to suit their specific risk appetite, so it is essential to work with a broker who has strong relationships with many lenders. There are several different types of lenders who we can approach to meet your requirements:

  • Banks

  • Building societies

  • Commercial mortgage lenders

  • Insurance companies

  • Specialist commercial finance lenders.

At Ipothica we are not restricted to a small panel of providers nor are we limited to a pool of one or two lenders linked to a mortgage club. We have relationships with many specialist lenders as well as access to major mortgage clubs and will speak to a number of providers likely to welcome your application specific to your circumstances. Please call us on 0333 300 1874 to see how we can help.

Why using a Specialist Mortgage Broker is essential

Whether you are an individual or a business, an owner-occupier looking for a mortgage for premises for your own business or else are a landlord looking to either refinance or purchase a new investment property we can help.
As with all forms of lending, the usual factors can influence which lenders will consider providing finance:


  • The type of construction

  • The state of repair of the property

  • The planning consent available

  • The amount of finance required as a proportion of the value of the property

  • Your credit history


The more complex the case the fewer lenders will be prepared to support your application, and therefore the likelihood that the interest rate payable will be higher. It is therefore especially important that you work with an adviser who has access to many different lenders and who knows the market in order to obtain low interest rates.

Who can apply for a Commercial Mortgage

Of course, it is not just the property that is underwritten by lenders to determine their appetite to finance a particular property, they naturally also underwrite you the customer in terms of:


  • Your credit history

  • The amount you are investing as a proportion of the value of the property

  • Your experience as a landlord

  • The legal status of the entity taking out the loan used to purchase the property (an individual / a limited company / a specialist purpose vehicle) as different interest rates and conditions will apply.

If you are looking to finance a commercial property, then please do get in touch by calling us on the number above. We have direct access to many commercial mortgage providers and will explore opportunities with numerous lenders who are likely to look favourably upon your individual circumstances. 

Summary and next steps

We have seen that when it comes to Commercial Property investment there are many different lenders looking at different types of property with willingness to lend varying depending upon the how the building will be used and the state of repair etc. When it comes to areas like multi-purpose properties, while these can be catered for, not all lenders operate in this space. This will naturally reduce the number of lenders available to you, making it essential you get advice from a firm.

Therefore, lending in this area is specialised. If you or your business is looking to finance a property we will be happy to assist - so please do get in touch by either calling 0333 300 1874 or else requesting contact from us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We can help with finance of a commercial property for investment purposes or else for a business which will occupy the premises. If the property requires development or is not even built yet, we can help here too.


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